Our mission is simple

Provide mortgage lenders with incredible customer service and solutions that allow them to work smart, not hard.


What you want is what you get

At our core, we're problem solvers.  In addition to our product line, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop custom solutions to improve their workflow and data integrity.  If you have a technology need, Ignite is your solution.  We offer the following custom services tailored specifically to your requests.

  • Technology Consulting

  • Custom Software Integrations

  • Data & Document Extracts & Imports

  • Encompass SDK Development

  • Database Management

  • Network Performance Analysis   

Ignite is a custom software provider focused on

serving the mortgage industry.

Ignite is a custom software provider focused on serving the mortgage industry.  Our solutions provide mortgage lenders with the power to control costs and drive increased productivity and efficiency.  Our frontline mortgage experience and technology expertise come together to provide custom solutions and products that allow clients to streamline their workflow and truly scale their business at reduced costs.



Built by Mortgage Bankers, For Mortgage Bankers

In addition to custom solutions we've built products that provide tremendous value.  Built for mortgage bankers by mortgage bankers, our products have been built to interface directly with Encompass360 so lenders of all shapes and sizes can recognize operational efficiencies and improved data integrity.  



The way it works

Our solutions allow mortgage lenders to streamline their workflow through automation and integration, reducing costs and increasing productivity.  We work with clients and vendors to create the optimal solution leveraging technology, whether it be custom development or a specified product need.  Oh, and no offshore development here, our entire staff is onshore, including project managers if necessary for the project.

First step is listening to what you want instead of telling you what you need.

We are former mortgage bankers, operational gurus, and Encompass masters - certified admins and SDK experts.

We work with you to create the optimal solution leveraging technology whether it be a custom solution or a product.

Our software solutions provide the link to your multiple systems.  We work directly with your vendors to build the bridge.

We manage projects end-to-end, from the spec and establishing workflow all the way through testing, implementation and training your staff.  Oh, and ongoing support

We make your life easier so you can focus on what you do best - originate profitable loans.


The Talents Behind Our Success

The partners at Ignite are a few passionate mortgage geeks. Some like mortgage operations, some like mortgage technology, and some like working with clients. We all share a strong commitment to make the mortgage process more efficient by using technology based solutions. 


Alan Sleszynski - President

With 30 years of experience as the Chief Architect and System Engineer, Alan has developed software enterprise solutions for the numerous sectors, including banking and financial institutions, government and private facilities, manufacturing, and security. He provides an overall expertise of emerging technologies regarding planning, system implementation and design, and innovative and efficient business solutions.  A hands-on team leader with excellent communications skills focused on delivering bottom-line results through effective design, system deployment and effective leadership.  Alan "gets it" which is rare in the development world. 

Frank Fiore - Vice President

Frank has 27 years of operations experience and has spent his career solving operational challenges with technical solutions.

In witnessing over 150 mortgage operations first hand, he has developed a keen ability to identify areas of exposure that can be closed with technology solutions.  He possess a strong history of implementing both standardized and custom technology solutions in the market today and has helped many lenders increase efficiency and profitability.  Frank focuses on growing Ignite business relationships with both clients and vendors.

John Clerkin - Vice President

John is the lead LOS architect for Ignite.  John’s experience has afforded him a wealth of knowledge across multiple LOS.  John’s core competency is integrating custom solutions for Encompass360.  He has over 10 years of Encompass admin experience and has been the lead developer and architect spanning over a hundred engagements for Encompass clients.  Because of this, he has been the chief architect behind many processes and functions and provided solutions to many Encompass users.  His knowledge of the Encompass system and platform have afforded him the unique ability to speak from perspectives that apply to multiple lenders across multiple channels and business models.  John is a recognized Ellie Mae Certified Administrator and has been working as lead architect on Encompass integrations for Ignite Integration Solutions since inception.

Jonathan Yosha - Vice President

Jonathan has over 15 years of mortgage banking experience with a focus on operational and secondary marketing workflows.  He also has the unique ability to see how back end procedures and decision making impact every step of the origination process.  He transfers this knowledge into developing technical solutions to increase GOS and operational efficiencies for Ignite clients.  He works closely with clients to create products, specifications and protocols to meet their goals.  Jonathan has three times been named to the 40 under 40 group by National Mortgage Professional Magazine and actively participates as a panelist at conference round-tables speaking to increasing profitability, improving data integrity and streamlining operational processes.


Brad Ketcher - Senior Associate, Business Development

With 15 years of mortgage experience, Brad has worn most hats within the loan origination, conduit, and asset management side.  Prior to joining Ignite, Brad spent seven years building a $1B asset management firm focused on 1st lien, residential whole loans. Brad established processes and procedures, customized a proprietary loan management system, sourced assets and marketed pools for sale, while overseeing due diligence, transaction management, portfolio management, and subservicer management.  Within the origination arena, Brad held roles ranging from managing 100+ loan officers, working in the secondary marketing department and hedging the pipeline, pooling Ginnie Mae securities and monitoring the warehouse funds.  His diverse experience and managerial skills lend him to being the ideal PM lead for large scale engagements, ensuring clients needs are met, adhering to detailed specifications, QA, UAT, training etc. 


Do you find yourself saying
"There must be a better way" 

"Why can't we just integrate these two applications"
"I wish the system would just..." 

...then drop us a line and we'll talk. 

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